Student Loan Refinance Calculator

Higher education costs continue to climb and students are turning towards loans to help meet the costs. Student loans are a financial burden most Americans are facing nowadays. There are XXX Americans dealing with student loans for a grand total of XXX in student loan debt! Student loans are often the largest bill people pay monthly, often meeting or exceeding mortgage payments. Everyone should be looking for ways to reduce this financial burden and often refinancing is the best way to accomplish it. Use our handy calculator to see if refinancing could save you money!

Step 1. Enter Current Loan Info

Estimate of current monthly payment

Step 2. Enter New Loan Info 

To predict the savings you could get by refinancing, we’ll need to ask some lenders to provide the actual rate they are willing to give you. Do not worry, getting your rate does not affect your credit score and you are not actually signing up for a loan and it is absolutely free. All we are doing is getting the actual rates lenders are willing to give you based on your credit and loan information. We are taking all the guesswork out of refinancing! Enter in the new term and interest rate they offer below.

Estimate of new monthly payment after refinancing

Step 3. Results!

If you can save on your monthly payment AND save money on the total amount you pay on your loan, you should consider refinancing! Before you refinance, make sure you understand the pros and cons. Especially if your student loans are federal.

Money saved each month by refinancing
Total Savings over the life of the loan